Unto Others

a feature film

Written, Produced and Directed


Bill Dumas


The Story

Unto Others is a dark comedy (Fargo without the violence) about four half-brothers who share the same father; a rambling, womanizing, Texan who preaches the gospel and the “golden rule” from roadhouse bar stools.

      One of the good brothers, Betts, is a recently unemployed musician with dreams of stardom . The other, Casey, an unconventional FBI agent. Betts and Casey know nothing of their evil brothers, Critter and Slug, who are the king pins of a gang of misfits that rob for a living.

     A chance meeting finds all the brothers together at Rick’s Tavern in the mountains. The ever-rising tension will either erupt in a blood-bath or be saved by the under-appreciated preachings of their father that lives within each of them in very different ways.

     Joining the quiet evening-turned-nightmare at Rick’s Tavern are an ensemble cast of characters with their own quirks that add mayhem and more to the mix.

     Unto Others is an adventure tempored with a timely reminder of the Golden Rule.

     STATUS as of 11/26/21:  IN POST PRODUCTION at Rocket Panda Post in Burbank, CA: The picture is locked and sound editing continues as the score develops.

Through the Walls

Written, Produced & Directed


Bill Dumas


  This film is a black comedy, in the extreme, about reconciliation.  It is a story about MEDRIC (40), an agoraphobic (one who has an irrational fear of going outdoors) who lives his life vicariously by peeping at his neighbors through peepholes.   Medric has a young “niece,” ROSE (14) who cares for him.  Unbeknownst to Rose, “Uncle” Med is really her father.  Rose’s mother BARBARA (35) is threatening to send Rose away to boarding school to keep her away from her strange “uncle.”  Rose wants to stay with Medric, and believes that if she can just coax him out of his apartment, he will be “okay” and her mother will relent.  Meanwhile, the story of Medric’s and Barbara’s past unfolds revealing how these characters became who they are.


Charles Gunning, as Medric, appeared in Waking Life, Newton Boys, Miller’s Crossing and Slacker

Mary Portzer, as Barbara, plays Precious in John Sayles’ Passion Fish.  

Susan Clayton, as Rose, is a stage actress who makes her film debut here.